منطقة الوكيل/ الوكلاء

يلعب شركاؤنا في كل أنحاء العالم دورًا هامًا في الحفاظ على تقدم المدرسة.

فدورهم لا يقتصر فقط على اختيار الطلاب من أجلنا، ولكنهم أيضًا أعيننا وآذاننا في الأسواق المعنية، يقدمون معلومات مفيدة حول توجهات السوق وتطوراته. في بلومسبري إنترناشيونال نعمل عن قُرب مع وكلاؤنا لنضمن أن علاقات عملنا مفيدة لنا جميعًا.

من الأسباب وراء اختيار الوكلاء مدرسة بلومسبري إنترناشيونال كمدرسة شريكة هي:

  • خدماتها الودودة مع وقت استجابة سريع
  • أسعار عمولات ممتازة
  • مدير سوق معين ( لقاءات اختيارية في الموقع.)
  • خدمة عملاء مرنة
  • استشارات طوال السنة وخصوصية فردية
  • دعم تسويق
  • حجوزات سريعة
  • خطط الشريك الأولية

Testimonials from our Agents and Group Leaders

"I‘m writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for your support in organising our stay in London. We experienced the school as well organised with a central location and the teachers were kind, helpful and motivating. The rules at the school were clear which is good for the students to form a good habit when they know exactly what the rules are. Students were placed in the right level for their course and all of them were really satisfied with the staff and their methods of teaching. They enjoyed every single class and they felt comfortable with the hosting families. I would recommend your school to pretty much anyone."
Serena - Agent from Italy

"You have been very precious to us, helpful and welcoming. We greatly appreciated your work. We really hope to meet you next year! Thank you so much."
Leaders from a PON group

"I am writing to let you know that our student left excellent feedback on your account. He says that he's had a life-changing experience overall, the homestay family was very welcoming and kind to him, and that your school was absolutely spot-on with language teaching and availability of all your staff. Quite outstanding, this sets a foot on our commitment to your school even more and hope we may find soon more candidates to be introduced to you."
Sergio - Agent from Italy

"Our student was here yesterday and she told me she had a wonderful experience at Bloomsbury and in London. Thank you very much for taking good care of her."
Francesca - Agent from Italy

تعليقات ةآراء شركائنا هامة للغاية بالنسبة إلينا حيث أنها تساعدنا على تقييم خدماتنا ورقابتها وتحسينها باستمرار من أجل الطلاب والشركاء أيضًا وباستمرار. استمارة الآراء


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